An impacted tooth is a tooth that remains unerupted despite being completely developed (it may be completely invisible in the oral cavity or partly visible). The reason for tooth impaction is the fact that it is being blocked by other teeth or that it grows in a wrong direction. This problem often concerns wisdom teeth. Surgical tooth extraction is a more complex procedure and requires more time than “regular extraction”.

Thanks to our specialists’ skills, as well as the application of modern devices, such as Piezosurgery, surgical extraction of an impacted tooth is not a major nuisance for the Patient and is characterised by faster healing process.

Indications for impacted teeth extraction include: planned orthodontic or prosthetic treatment, developing intrabony odontogenic cysts of significant scope, pressure on neighbouring teeth that causes the risk of root resorption, as well as inflammations and pain complaints.

It should be borne in mind that impacted tooth extraction is a difficult procedure, carrying the risk of more potential complications due to the atypical location of the tooth, as well as unexpected difficulties that may arise during the procedure.