We need to do it with surgical precision.
JF Kennedy

Piezosurgery is a modern bone surgery technique used in procedures in the area of periodontics, implantology, as well as oral and maxillofacial surgery. The technique has significant advantages over traditional surgical techniques.

Due to high level of accuracy (micrometric cuts) and the possibility of saving tissue (selective cuts), piezosurgery is characterised by exceptional precision and safety.

Piezosurgical technique uses ultrasonic waves (subtle vibrations), which allows for cutting hard tissues while preserving delicate soft tissues. Thanks to this technique, the surgical site is virtually blood-free. Frequency regulation and a wide selection of surgical tips makes it possible to adjust the device to work with different surgical techniques, e.g. during:

  • tooth extraction,
  • sinus lift,
  • bone tissue procurement procedures,
  • splitting of alveolar process during implantation,
  • osteodistraction,
  • surgical procedures in the treatment of dental pulp diseases,
  • soft tissue cyst removal.

Piezosurgery meets the requirements related to fitting dentures on dental implants. The precision of this procedure technique allows for perfect results, while tissue saving accelerates the healing process. For the patient, this means:

  • decreased oedema,
  • smaller post-surgical pain,
  • better comfort during the procedure itself.