Lip frenulum and tongue frenulum are folds of tissue that connect the lip or the tongue with the alveolar process. There are common abnormalities associated with the frenula, such asfrenulum located too close to the teeth, frenulum too short or thick,abnormalities that negatively affect the periodontium, the aesthetics of the teeth, the formation of a diastema, the stability of removable dentures, speech impediments or feeding disorders. These abnormalities can be corrected through procedures performed on the frenula: frenulectomy and frenulotomy.

Frenulectomyis a simple incision of a too tight frenulum that is too tight, causing restrictions in movement of a tongue or lips.Frenulotomyconsists in removing a too thick or abnormally located frenulum, usually of the upper lip, and sewing it in the proper place. In case of a hypertrophic lingual frenulum very often functionality is impaired, leading to speech disorders or difficulties in taking in food.

The procedures are carried out under local anaesthesia, with the use of special scissors or an electric knife, which eliminate the necessity of putting on sutures.