Even a single missing tooth, particularly one in the front part of the dental arch, is a serious problem in terms of:

  • aesthetics,
  • functioning (impaired chewing ability),
  • psychology (constant incertitude, lack of self-confidence), and even
  • social status (a full, beautiful smile is an advantage both in private and professional life).

For more than 30 years, dental implants have been a perfect solution for all these problems. Dental implants:

  • restore a beautiful, confident smile to the patient;
  • enable permanent restoration of the missing teeth;
  • provide the patient with complete physical and mental comfort;
  • guarantee excellent aesthetic results with natural looking teeth;
  • make it possible to avoid problems associated with traditional prosthetic restorations (removing the dentures, stripping the teeth).

Dental implants are a perfect solution for most people with one or more missing teeth.

Replacing a single tooth:

  • Long-term functionality and aesthetics guaranteed by implants is highly desirable in case of a missing tooth.
  • Dental implants require no stripping of healthy, adjacent teeth to use them as abutments for a bridge.

Replacing several teeth. The patient can choose between:

  • Separate crowns supported on several dental implants.
  • A bridge fixed on two or more dental implants.

Both options eliminate the need for stripping healthy, adjacent teeth to use them as abutments for a bridge.

Replacing all teeth. The patient can choose between:

  • A full, permanent bridge, fixed on several dental implants.
  • A removable overdenture, which stays securely in place, mounted on two or more dental implants.

All these solutions guarantee that artificial teeth (which look just like natural teeth!)stay securely in place, providing confidence while eating and speaking.

All patients, even those with extremely small amount of bone tissue, can benefit from implant-based dental reconstruction, through the use of advanced bone regeneration surgery techniques. These include:

  • sinus lift
  • bone regeneration with the use of biomaterials,
  • osteodistraction.


  • They reduce the chances of damaging healthy, adjacent teeth, e.g. while stripping them before fitting a bridge.
  • They can protect gum and bone tissues, contributing to the preservation of aesthetic face appearance.
  • They are an alternative to removable and permanent dentures.
  • They look, feel and function just like natural teeth – they are stable.
  • They do not require the use of adhesives.
  • They boost self-confidence.
  • They help avoid awkward situations related to loosened dentures.