Removable appliances are devices that can be inserted and removed from the mouth by the patient. They are used in children and youth, as their bones are still growing, and are therefore susceptible to modifications, even with the application of intermittent forces.

The duration of treatment with the use of removable appliances and its effectiveness will depend on the type of defect, age of the patient and the level of the patient’s compliance with the dentist’s instructions. To benefit from the positive results of the treatment, the child has to observe the principles of wearing the appliances, i.e. the recommended duration and the manner of use of the device. The orthodontist must continuously monitor the progress and adjust the appliance, i.e. adapt it to the changes taking place in the mouth, such as changes in the position of the teeth and the replacement of milk teeth with permanent teeth.

Depending on the bite abnormality being treated, various types of removable appliances may be used.They comprise an acrylic plate in a colour selected by the patient and, depending on the appliance type, wire elements that fix the orthodontic appliance or elements exerting pressure on the teeth (screws, springs).


Permanent appliances are devices comprising catches of various types (brackets and rings) placed permanently on the tooth surface with special adhesives for the entire duration of orthodontic treatment.The catches provide support for springy wires that exert the actual force acting on the teeth. Due to the fact that the appliances exert a constant pressure for the whole period of treatment, they allow an exact effect of the treatment to be obtained,while the aspect of patient compliance in much less significant. This might make easier the life of parents whose children are unwilling to cooperate.

Depending on the patients’ treatment and aesthetic needs, as well as their comfort, different types of orthodontic systems are recommended. Virtually any of these allows the patient to choose between metal and aesthetic (transparent) models.

We use the latest generation systems that let us eliminate all elements that complicate treatment with the use of conventional permanent braces. This lets us achieve treatment results faster, while keeping the patient’s discomfort to a minimum.

Moreover, in the treatment of more complicated cases we use additional solutions (e.g. micro-implants) that make it possible to achieve a perfect bite quickly and safely.

Treatment with the use of permanent appliances can be used in both children and adults, with virtually no age restrictions.