In an effort to satisfy the needs of our most demanding patients, particularly those with intense professional lives, Villa Nova Dental Clinic offersthis modern method, i.e.  a fully cosmetic orthodontic system.

Perfect Clear enables a precise, yet completely invisible correction of teeth alignment.

It is a set of perfectly clear dental aligners(positioners) created for each patient individually.

The perfect matching of the splint with the shape of the dental arches and the smile line guarantees comfort of use, with no impact on speech or freedom of smile.

The patients of Villa Nova Dental Clinic praise the Perfect Clear system for the ability to remove the appliance from the mouth. On the one hand, it makes it easier to maintain appropriate hygiene of the oral cavity and teeth, but on the other hand it obligates the patient to cooperate with the dentist in a conscious and responsible manner. Treatment results depend largely on the patient’s full cooperation!

To quickly achieve treatment success, the positioners must be worn almost around the clock, except for meal times, brushing and flossing the teeth. The number of splints that make up the set prepared for a given patient, each of which should be worn for about 2 weeks, translates into the overall treatment duration, and depends on the initial state of the patient’s teeth and the assumed goal of the treatment.

The system of positioners can be used to treat most bite abnormalities, but it has proven to be most effective in case of small abnormalities in tooth alignment, e.g. crowding and spacing teeth or shifts in tooth position after removing permanent braces, resulting from the lack of compliance with the dentist’s instructions during the retention phase.