Fluorineis a scientifically proven weapon of dentists, widely used in dental disease prevention. The most common form of professional fluoride prevention is the varnishing of clean teeth with a fluoride-based varnish, such as Fluor Protector or Duraphat, which is recommended particularly for children. Varnishing is widely used to prevent disease of both the entire dentition, as well as selected teeth. Owing to the varnishes’ good adhesion to tooth enamel, they stay on the tooth surface for longer and release fluorine slowly, thus providing up to 40% reduction in dental caries.The varnishing procedure should be repeated 2-4 times a year, depending on the patient’s susceptibility to caries. Fluorine applied in the form of such varnish:

  • strengthens the enamel in adults and children;
  • reduces the build-up of dental plaque;
  • prevents the development of secondary caries (adjacent to fillings);
  • prevents the development of caries during treatment with permanent braces;
  • reduces hypersensitivity of the necks of the teeth.