Pit and fissure sealing consists in filling teeth pits and fissures with a special material called fissure sealant.Pits and fissures are places where food debris accumulates and bacteria grow. Their intricate shapes make it difficult or even impossible to clean them with a toothbrush, thus promoting the development of caries. Therefore, sealing both milk and permanent teeth is done to protect them from the carious process. The sealing procedure should be performed as early as possible after the tooth appears in the mouth; however, the tooth should be erupted enough to be able to separate it from saliva. The procedure involves especially healthy permanent molar and premolar teeth, as well as molar milk teeth. It is also possible to seal pits and fissures in the palatine surfaces of permanent 2nd incisors. It is an excellent method of caries prevention. Simple, painless and efficient, it offers caries reduction of 90%.