The aim of professional tooth cleaning is removing dental plaque and other sediments that accumulate on the surface of teeth, which cannot be removed with home-applied hygiene measures. Depending on the type of deposits on the teeth, we use different methods:

  • Mechanical tooth cleaning with the use of special brushes and rubbers, as well as professional toothpastes.
  • Sandblasting–the procedure of removing sediments and discolorations on tooth crowns, caused by coffee, tea and tobacco. This is achieved through the use of air abrasion devices – known as “sand blasters”–which produce a fine, high-pressure stream of powder and water. It effectively removes sediments and discoloration, which cannot be removed using a toothbrush.
  • Scaling is the removal of hard dental deposits (tartar) that accumulate on the surface of the crown of the teeth, with the use of ultrasonic devices called scalers.Scaling is usually a painless procedure. However, pain may occur in case of an inflammation of tissues surrounding the tooth. In such cases, local anaesthetic is applied.Each scaling procedure is completed with the polishing of all tooth surfaces, which prevents further build-up of dental plaque and gives the patient a pleasant sensation of smooth teeth.