In many cases, restoration of extensive tooth loss is unfortunately not possible with the use of bridges. In such cases, we can offer an alternative solution –a denture in the form of a removable restoration. However, it should be noted that when there are not enough abutment teeth, implantology becomes very helpful as the best solution for the problem of missing teeth.

At Villa Nova Dental Clinic we can offer you several types of dentures:


These are removable restorations made of acrylic plastic. The main indication for their use involves toothlessness or extensive tooth loss, where the application of other dentures (skeletal, permanent, implant-based ones) is impossible. It is a popular solution available at a relatively low cost, but it also has many disadvantages: difficulties in adaptation, discomfort during use, inconvenience when eating, destructive impact on jaw bones and necessity of replacing them every few years.


Skeletal dentures are modern removable prosthetic restorations.Such a denture is supported not only on the gums and mucous membrane, but also on teeth; thus, it does not cause increased atrophy of the gums and bone tissue.The basic elements of the skeletal denture involve a metal base (skeleton), acrylic elements replacing the missing tissues (teeth and base) and brackets (responsible for holding the dentures to the base). Because of their low aesthetic value, brackets are increasingly often replaced with bolts, latches and telescopic crowns mounted on the teeth. In order to make it possible to hold down the denture in this way, it is necessary to fit crowns onto the adjacent teeth. The connection between the denture and crowns uses no visible metal elements (brackets, studs), which makes it possible to achieve the expected aesthetic result.


An immediate denture is a removable prosthetic restoration given to the patient just after tooth extraction, when the patient is still under anaesthesia. All the activities related to the preparation of such a denture are done beforetooth extraction. Such procedure allows the patient to avoid the discomfort related to the lack of teeth, as well as provides normal living conditions and the possibility of continuing professional work.It also promotes and improves healing of post-extraction wounds. However, the use of such a solution requires strict observation of the dentist’s recommendations, frequent check-up visits and maintaining perfect hygiene of the oral cavity and denture. Immediate dentures are a temporary solution used before the final denture is ready. Unfortunately they cannot be used in every case. Sometimes the teeth are in such a bad condition and so wobbly that there is a real threat of them falling out at the time of taking the impression. In such circumstances, only an early denture (the impression is taken immediately after extraction, while the denture is provided after around two days).


Overdenture is a removable prosthetic restoration that covers the whole surface of the root or roots of remaining teeth, or implants. Such dentures are fixed on the roots or implants by a system of locks (usually ball catches). This type of restoration fulfils aesthetic needs, protects the jaw bone from atrophy and provides the patient with acceptable comfort. However, a prerequisite for the use of such dentures is that the patient acquires principles of perfect oral hygiene and regular check-up visits.

It should be noted that in toothless patients the overdenture may be supported on only two implants in the upper and lower jaw, which enormously improves comfort of use at a relatively low cost, compared to full dentures.