Missing teeth occur not only in adults, but also in children and young people. The most common cause of tooth loss at the developmental age is caries or mechanical injury. Congenital absence of both milk and permanent tooth buds can also occur.

Tooth loss in children and young people leads to deterioration of appearance, speech development disorders, hindered biting and chewing, as well as complications of existing bite abnormalities or creation of new disorders.

Due to the constant growth of the chewing organ in children, it is necessary to replace missing teeth and initiate orthodontic treatment as soon as possible. Presently, children above 6 (and in some cases even above 3) undergo this kind of treatment.

The method of treatment depends on the child’s age and severity of tooth absence.

In case of missing teeth, we use orthodontic braces, preventive orthodontic dentures and therapeutic dentures.

We would like to emphasize that in the event of any mechanical injuries requiring immediate help, you can always count on our qualified personnel, who will provideyou and your children with specialist care, as well as make you feel safe.