Some parents wonder whether treating milk teeth of their children is worthwhile.

Dear Parents – it is!!!

The consequences of failure to treat milk teeth is their loss, which not only discourages children from visiting a dentist in the future, but also develops bad habits and is responsible for the formation of bite abnormalities.

We need to take care of our children’s teeth all the time, at every stage. This is our parental responsibility.

We therefore treat carious cavities in primary teeth through painless cleaning of the cavities and application of fillings. If necessary, we use sedation to spare children the stress related to injections.

Depending on the clinical indications and the patient’s preferences, we offer various filling materials. Our small patients can select theTwinky star filling, which is available in seven fanciful colours. Young patients allowed to choose the colour of their filling are more enthusiastic about the treatment.

If indicated, we also perform root canal treatment of milk teeth to prevent premature tooth loss, and thus bite abnormalities. In cases where tooth extraction is the only option, we rub the mucous membrane with an numbing, fruit-flavoured gel before the anaesthetic injection in order to make it painless.

Young Patients who have bad experiences and are not willing to cooperateare offered the option of having the procedures performed under sedation. (see -> our clinic is pain-free)