Dental Clinic  in Warsaw – Villa Nova Dental Clinic

I have the great pleasure to invite you to Villa Nova Dental Clinic, a place that grew out of passion for treating patients and bringing out the beauty of natural smile that we all possess.

Since I was a little girl, I used to watch my mother work. She was a dentist with exceptional skills and attitude to the patient. It was her who instilled in me the interest and faith in providing the patients with incredible opportunities offered by dentistry and my greatest passion – orthodontics. I devoted my professional life to orthodontics and at the same time noticed that the effect that can be achieved is truly amazing only in combination with techniques applied in aesthetic dentistry and implantology. Today, I have the pleasure to collaborate with true perfectionists with the highest qualifications, enormous knowledge and extensive experience in all areas of dentistry.

The greatest reward for the work of my team is a beautiful, radiant and captivating smile. I honestly believe in the force and effect it can bring about, how it boosts our confidence, affects the way we are perceived by others and finally – how helpful it may prove in various situations in our private and professional lives.

I derive immense satisfaction from the possibility of contributing to positive visual and, as a result, also emotional changes in our patients.

In response to sophisticated and individual expectations of the most demanding patients, I created a clinic of my dreams – a place where the art of aesthetics meets with state-of-the-art technology, where nothing is impossible, and where you can feel safe, comfortable and exceptional, starting with your first visit.

Come and visit us!

Dr. Emma Kiworkowa-Prokopowicz, MD, PhD