Villa Nova Dental Clinic, ul. Przyczółkowa 219, 02-962 Warszawa
  • Villa Nova Dental Clinic, ul. Przyczółkowa 219, 02-962 Warszawa
  • Tel 602 507 707


VILLA NOVA DENTAL CLINIC offers its Patients all available kinds of dental treatment. We only use effective and proven methods, but we are also open to innovative dental solutions.

We also offer services in the area of conservative dentistry, prosthetics, dental surgery, periodontology and RTG diagnostics

We want the Patient to know that their health is looked after by the best doctors, who specialize in all fields (conservative dentists, children’s dentists, orthodontists, endodontists, periodontists, prosthodontists, surgeons, implantologists). This is extremely important when the Patient requires interdisciplinary treatment. Owing to that, our doctors remain in direct contact and can consult and together prepare the treatment plan for a particular Patient, which in turn makes it possible to achieve the best results of the entire treatment. Our professional staff will help the Patients get through all the procedures with a smile and without fear or pain. In our Clinic every Patient will feel unique – like a star!


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Modern X-ray diagnostics

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Basic dental treatment

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Teeth whitening

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Children's dentistry

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Aesthetic dentistry

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