VECTOR PARO – it is a non-invasive, very effective and extremely comfortable for the patient treatment method in periodontal prevention.
Directly combats the causes of periodontitis, effectively removes plaque, bacteria and tartar – without performing an invasive surgical procedure.
This method is completely painless and is particularly recommended for patients with a low pain threshold.
Villa Nova Dental Clinic uses the latest Vector Paro system to prevent and treat gum diseases and periodontitis.

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This method allows not only to effectively remove deposits from teeth but also from root cement, prosthetic restorations and implants – thanks to the safety and precision of this method, they are not damaged. The treatment is carried out with a suspension of polishing fluid strengthened by hydroxyapatite, thanks to which it is possible to remove the entire harmful bacterial flora, which is the basic cause of periodontal disease and its recurrence. Small fluid particles are completely safe for the tooth or implant surface. The length of the visit is about 1-1.5 hours. After the procedure, the patient can return to his daily duties. The doctor conducting the individual determines the frequency of treatments.