Brush your teeth, round and round,
Circles small, gums and all,
A small, soft toothbrush the round and round way,
Will keep your teeth healthy and stop tooth decay,
So brush very carefully, two times a day,
Go round and round

“The Toothbrush Family” Song

All children will be familiar with the song lyrics quoted above. Although children still sing it, we can only imagine how many beautiful smiles there would be if we didn’t limit ourselves to just singing? Prevention is the first step in treating dental caries and periodontitis.It sounds serious, but is almost about the same thing that “The Toothbrush Family” song is about. Prevention is nothing else than a simple method for preventing dental caries. The sooner we begin, the better the results, i.e. healthy teeth and gums, time and money savings and a beautiful, natural smile throughout our lives. It sounds so beautiful, and it is so simple…The main objective of prevention is to combat dental plaque – the main cause of dental caries and periodontitis, as well as to increase the resistance of teeth and periodontium tissues to acids and bacteria.

At Villa Nova Dental Clinic we offer our patients a full range of professional preventive procedures with the use of the latest, yet proven methods. Because it is extremely important to “keep your teeth healthy and stop tooth decay“.