A great method that we offer to children and that minimizes the discomfort caused during the administration of local anaesthesia is a gel applied on the mucous membrane. The gel anaesthetizes the mucous membrane and as a result the patient does not feel the insertion of the needle.

Another method used at Villa Nova Dental Clinic is a device called The Wand. With the Wand, the application of the anaesthetic is safe and painless. The Wand resembles a “magic wand” (its tip does not look like a syringe) which does not cause any discomfort duringthe administration of anaesthesia. This is especially important to our little patients.

Dental care anxiety or fear experienced by some children can be managed by mild premedication (administering a mild sedative agentin a dose adjusted to the child’s age one hour before the procedure).

In case of more extensive procedures, in children having particularly bad experiences from the past or in a situation when the young patient is uncooperative and performing treatment procedures under local anaesthesia is impossible, dental procedures may be performed under sedation.

Sedationinvolves inhaling an odourless gas through a face mask – it is a combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen, also known as a laughing gas. This friendly and extremely safe method of dealing with fear is particularly recommended for children, as they show decreased tolerance to stress and pain. At the same time, they react to nitrous oxide in a charming way – they dream of fairy-tale adventures, flying or drifting in water, in the air, in the clouds or in space. The metamorphosis the uncooperative child undergoes is hard to believe: most patients are no longer afraid of subsequent dental appointments!